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Woodland is a small town in North Carolina with less than 1,000 residents. The city council had planned to allow the installation of a solar park near the city, but the neighbors were not clear about this and they demolished the project.

The arguments could be a hidden camera script, some of them:

Jane Mann, retired science teacher:

Elsewhere, solar farms affected photosynthesis in plants, which would receive less sunlight. I saw dead plants near solar panels because they are not getting enough light.

No one can assure you that these signs do not cause cancer.

Another neighbor, Bobby Mann said:

Will make the young people go the solar park could absorb all the energy from the sun.

Maria Hobbs:

My house is surrounded by solar gardens which have reduced the value of my property.

Funny since the city is surrounded by forests and farmland.

The interest in building the solar farm in Woodland comes from its proximity to an electrical substation. Representatives of the company that wants to develop the solar farm, Strata Solar Company, have tried every means to convince the neighbors that the project will not cause cancer or absorb all of the sunlight. But eventually democracy prevailed and with 1 vote for and 3 against, the construction was rejected.

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