Woodsum Pinhole Camera is a set of high quality wooden parts, so that you can assemble your analog camera on your own, ideal for those who want to take vintage photos easily.

Woodsum is a wooden analog camera that you will need to assemble yourself.

For ease of use, Woodsum uses 35mm film, which is the most common type of film. The retro design combined with the analog concept enhances the value of the product and makes a perfect gift for photography enthusiasts.

They use high quality wood for each piece and finish it with UV lacquer to give it a premium feel and for everyone to enjoy the experience of mounting this wooden camera.

Woodsum looks and works just like an analog camera would. Press the shutter button and it will open to let the light shine on the film. The lens lets you get color images with a true vintage feel (something Instagram can’t quite match yet), and the overall process helps you understand the basics of photography, like aperture, l exposure or shutter speed. It also looks like a vintage camera, with a solid construction thanks to the laser-cut wood and the ability to allow the user to assemble the camera from scratch, allowing them to have a camera. which was literally created with his own hands.

A room financed by a campaign in kickstarter.

Designate: Suhyun Hwang (www.warmmaterial.com)

If you are interested in this type of project and you are not convinced by WOODSUM, you can take it a step further and try The Focal Camera, an open source modular camera that you can download and assemble for free.