Aurora 3 is the last project of the student team of the Twente Green Team from the University of Twente.

This year the student team presented the car in a different way than usual, but that didn’t make it any less special. The team are proud of the end result, which is why they presented it at a live online event.

the Twente Green Team is a team of eighteen students from the University of Twente and the Saxony University of Applied Sciences who work together to design and manufacture the more efficient and sustainable hydrogen car.

What current world champions, show that Dutch students are well trained in the development and application of renewable energies. This year they design and build again one of the most efficient cars in the world.

Hydrogen cars are not yet very common. This is precisely why students find it important to show what the possibilities are.

This car is the latest iteration of the hydrogen cars the team has made. The goal at the start of the year was to make the car even more reliable than last year, to better understand the car and how it works, to make the car’s components more accessible, and to maintain and even improve the efficiency as much as possible. .


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It was decided to keep in shape from last year. This shape was designed two years ago and is still optimal. Most of the small components in the car are 3D printed, which reduces their weight, making it a more efficient car.

The hydrogen system has also changed. It has been reorganized to be simpler and take up less space. The electrical components have also been completely overhauled.

It incorporates a touch screen for real-time communication with the pilot.

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