The city of Aberdeen in Scotland, UK, received the world’s first hydrogen-powered double-decker bus.

The hydrogen buses will be tested across the city for several weeks as part of a final test and driver training period. The buses are expected to be in service next month.

The Aberdeen City Council-led project tested the economic and environmental benefits of hydrogen transport technologies and aims to stimulate the development of hydrogen technologies themselves.

The buses were manufactured by Wrightbus, a company based in Northern Ireland, and will complement the existing fleet already active in the city, which includes a range of hydrogen and electric vans, sweepers and municipal cars equipped with this technology.

Buses are as efficient as their electrical counterparts, refuel in less than ten minutes, offering greater autonomy.

Water is the only emission from your tailpipes, which reduces carbon dioxide emissionsThese new buses will contribute to the city’s commitment to the fight against air pollution.

The problem of hydrogen supply has long been solved in Aberdeen, with the UK’s first hydrogen production and refueling station opening in 2015 as part of a 19-year green transport demonstration project. million pounds sterling.

Aberdeen will operate all 15 buses on one of its most popular service routes, highlighting the city’s pioneering role in the field of hydrogen.

The new £ 8.3million projects were funded by Aberdeen City Council, the Scottish Government and the European Union (which aims to promote the commercialization of hydrogen buses through joint purchases between cities) , with an investment of around 500,000 pounds per vehicle.

We are delighted to operate these state-of-the-art double-decker hydrogen buses in partnership with Aberdeen City Council.

We look forward to making them available to the people of Aberdeen later this month, it’s exciting to be part of the final leg of the city’s hydrogen journey.

David Phillips, Director of Operations at First Aberdeen.


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