World's largest floating wind farm built in Scotland

The Scotland Hywind project will include five floating turbines on the Peterhead coast capable of powering 20,000 homes. The Scottish government has cleared this offshore wind farm, which will be the world’s largest of its kind.

A 30 MW pilot park, which will have five 6 MW floating turbines, which could generate enough energy to power 20,000 homes. The project will be the first floating offshore wind farm development in the UK, and construction will begin next year.

This park differs from conventional offshore wind farms by the use of floating turbines linked to the seabed by an anchoring system. The turbines are interconnected by cables and connected by another cable to the Peterhead Beach plant.

Studies suggest that this system could reduce the costs of offshore wind power.

We will be attentive to its development.


Photo: √ėyvind Hagen / Statoil ASA