YUMMYs, edible cups and straws to reduce litter

FOODlab, a business run and created by women, is the creator of YUMMYshots and YUMMYstraws, they have been marketing the glasses since 2015 and now they have developed vegan edible straws that last over 4 hours in water and support the Mexican countryside.

Who are the #lasYUMMYs?

Ana Cristina and Carolina Dorantes are sisters, entrepreneurs and creators of the first edible tequila glasses in Mexico: YUMMYshots.

In 2014, Ana Crsitina Dorantes developed tequila glasses as part of a university project aimed at reducing waste generated during parties. In 2015, Carolina Dorantes saw the opportunity to transform this project into an international company that produces innovative foods.


The YUMMYshots brought them to TV.

Among his greatest achievements is SHARK TANK MEXICO. They appeared on the said television program, closing the negotiation with Mexican businessman and social media leader Arturo Elías Ayub. Now YUMMYshots is present in over 300 stores across national chains; and this year, exports started to the United States and Australia.


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Now why straws?

Single-use plastics are a major part of the current pollution on our planet. In the case of straw, it is estimated to generate over 49,000 tonnes of waste per year.

YUMMY straws

The #lasYUMMYs have been working for the past two years on an option that not only breaks down quickly or lasts over 6 hours of use, but delicious food that enhances the dining experience. And the support doesn’t stop there: being a fruit-based product, it supports the Mexican countryside using anything that doesn’t reach stores because it doesn’t meet aesthetic standards. A win / win for everyone.

What’s next for #lasYUMMYs?

“We seek to be a leading company in innovative proposals that align the needs of a globalized society and the environment. The creation of organic substitutes for single-use plastics is our first objective ”.

Carolina Dorantes.