Zebrano wood or zebrawood is known for its striking and characteristic appearance that makes it unique and highly decorative. It is also a strong and good quality wood, which has been used mainly in joinery.

It is native to Central and West Africa, mainly from countries like Cameroon, Congo or Gabon. Its scientific name is Microberlinia brazzavillensis.

Characteristics of Zebrano Wood

Color: The sapwood is whitish, the heartwood golden and with numerous brown streaks. The result is similar to the skin of a zebra, hence its name. Sapwood is rarely marketed.

Fiber: Interlaced or slightly interlaced.

Grain: Thick.

Density: Between 790-800 kg / m3 with 12% humidity.

Toughness: Kind of difficult. According to the Janka scale, 1,830 lbf (8,160 N). 5 according to the Chaláis-Meudon test.

Durability: Durable against fungi and insects.

Dimensional stability:

  • Volumetric contraction coefficient 0.55%, moderately edgy wood.

Mechanical properties:

  • Resistance to static bending: 1270 kg / cm2.
  • Modulus of elasticity: 138,500 kg / cm2.
  • Compressive strength: 540 Kg / cm2
  • Parallel tensile strength: 560 Kg / cm3.


  • Sawing can present some repellency problem. Unpleasant odor after sawing. Over time, it disappears.
  • Difficult to dry, it tends to warp.
  • Nailing and screwing requires pre-drilling.
  • Bonding smoothly.
  • It is necessary to seal the pore when applying the finishes.
  • When working it can cause allergic reactions. Usually eye and skin irritation.

The price of zebrawood is high. It is mainly due to its scarcity. Although it is not yet a wood at risk, it is classified as vulnerable, as its population has been reduced.

zebra color


One of the curiosities of zebrano wood is that it is not used mainly for its technical characteristics, but for its decorative value. This led it to be considered a noble or precious wood.

  • Quality furniture and / or joinery.
  • Natural wood veneers. This is its main use today.
  • Floors, coatings and interior carpentry.
  • Handle of tools and utensils: canes, pens … Since they are in fashion, wooden glasses are also one of the preferred woods for this use.
  • Boats.