Clean water is a scarce resource that is still lacking for around 700 million people around the world. These populations may have closer access to this resource after the launch of Source, a solar panel which, without needing to connect to the electricity grid, provides between two and five liters of water drinkable per day only air.

Solar panels that convert the humidity in the air into drinking water.

This system was born from a project promoted by Arizona State University which, ultimately, was forged through the company Zero Mass Water, which markets Source. This equipment takes advantage of air vapor, “An inexhaustible supply of water”, to obtain purified water which, according to the promoters, is absolutely free from any pollution present in the air. “Our extraction process collects only pure water with a composition similar to distilled water.

The water obtained is mineralized to guarantee an optimal flavor and comparable to the one in which we drink regularly, explains the company that created this system, which has among its strengths being completely independent from the electricity network. A solar panel, or more, depending on the size needed, along with an internal lithium-ion battery that allows water delivery even when the sun is not shining, is all this equipment needs to operate.

The mechanism that makes it possible to have between two and five liters of drinking water per day is simple: the value of pure water is extracted from the air by a system activated by solar panels and is then converted into liquid water. This resource accesses a 30 liter reserve integrated in each panel in which the water is mineralized.

The amount of water generated by this system varies depending on the humidity conditions and sun exposure of the location. However, from Arizona State University, they assure that these signs are able to convert ambient vapor into potable water even in arid climates and semi-arid.

The source has a useful life of a decade and does not require extraordinary effort to maintain it. In principle, you only need to change the air filter once a year. Likewise, individual or community owners who are equipped with this system will need to replace the mineral cartridge every five years.

The drivers of this technology highlight the security it brings to the consumer. With Source, you know exactly where the water you are consuming is coming from, without fear of pipe condition or any chemicals. “The spring water is of high quality and is free from any vulnerability derived from the infrastructure”, they point.

This system with which, according to its promoters, access to water is democratized, can be purchased via the online store activated by the company at a starting price of $ 2,900 per panel, to which is added $ 500 for the installation of the system which is also easily upgradeable. Proof of this is the possibility of acquiring, also online, additional panels to obtain a greater quantity of water.


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The Australian Renewable Energy Agency has just funded the installation of 150 panels with $ 420,000 Source Hydropanel to test its effectiveness. His goal is to find a constant and sustainable source of water for the drier regions of his country, thus trying to reduce the consumption of bottled water.

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